Centennial Business Products has provided our company with quality remanufactured toner at competitive prices for the last three years, but what sets them apart is their excellent customer service. After trying the big chains and receiving poor products and poor customer service, we switched to Centennial and never looked back. Don, Norb, and the rest of the staff are dedicated to their customer’s satisfaction, and it really shows. They are always available to answer the phone (not a machine) and most always are able to take care of anything I ask of them. Centennial is always willing to help with a billing question, an emergency toner order or anything else that comes my way regarding our printing needs. There is never a cartridge they can’t track down. We have been using Centennial for our toner needs for the last three years, and plan on using them for many more.
Banking Industry
Customer since 1999
All of my experiences with Centennial Business Products have been positive. I would recommend Centennial Business Products to anyone for toner and ink needs. They are STELLAR!
Banking Industry
Customer since 1999
In these tough times that we are going through, it’s like a breath of fresh air dealing with Centennial Business Products. Should you make the move to Centennial Business Products, I think you’ll be happy.
County Purchasing Agent
Customer since 1998
Centennial Business Products has given our schools excellent customer service and they are always a pleasure to do business with. They have gone above and beyond for our school and we are fortunate to do business with them.
College Office Administrator
Customer since 1997
We have been a customer of Centennial Business Products since 2009 and we are very pleased with the service and products. On several occasions we have requested products and Centennial Business Products has delivered them the same day. Customer service doesn’t get much better than that.
Hospitality Industry
Customer since 1994
Centennial Business employees are extremely knowledgeable about their products and express options if applicable. Their competitive pricing and quick product delivery have made them a necessity for many of our school locations. I would recommend Centennial Business Products to anyone who purchases toner on a regular basis.
Education Office Administrator
Customer since 1996

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