Who does Centennial Service?

We sell only to business, non-profit, and government organizations.

Why do I need a login?

Our contracts prohibit us from publishing pricing.   When you login you will go to an order page that contains only your specific products.  There is no need to search for what you use because it is right there, along with your own customized description.    

How do I request a login?

If you don't have a login, please call 513-326-0333 and we can set one up instantly and link it to your order history and account. 

Why don't you carry my cartridge in a compatible?

Compatibles are not available for every printer. Also, many compatibles do not pass our strict quality control specifications. If we carry it, you can have confidence in the quality.

Do you require our empty cartridges?

No. However, we will make sure they are handled responsibly.

I don't see my printer, do you carry it?

We probably do, just call us up and we will add it to your My Supplies page.

Centennial Business Products strives to satisfy our clients. Whether you are ordering ink toner for Medical, Manufacturing, or Small Offices, or for Restaurants, Retail, or Non-Profit Organizations, we offer quality products with guaranteed value!

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